How it all began!

Eat Now was founded by entrepeneurs Simon & Tracey in Brighton in Autumn 2006. Launched as Eat Now Brighton, the website orginally served only the Brighton area. The concept originated from the frustration of searching for takeaway menus, having to wait forever on the telephone listening to engaged signals, and then receiving incorrect orders often generated by rushed telephone conversations, with busy restauranteurs.

"We're not ashamed to admit that we regularly order more than one takeaway meal each week. Why should we be?", says Simon over a mouthful of Chicken Tikka Massala.

"In today's hectic lifestyles, tight work schedules, meetings, deadlines to be met, shopping, children to care for and household chores to be done, why not take advantage of anything that can ease the pressure?" he asks.

Simon and Tracey collectively have vast business experience as well as a background in the PR & marketing industries. Living in Brighton with the extensive global choice of restaurants on their doorstep the idea seemed an opportunity simply waiting to happen!

Why the restaurants need us!

Small takeaway restaurants are very good at doing what they do: cooking and delivering fantastic food! However, the majority of them do not have access to a computer and certainly would not have the time whilst running a demanding business to consider having their own website built, not to mention the finances to create an online delivery service...

Over the next 4 years a lot of things changed. With the help of local web designers, Chris and Alex, Eat Now Brighton evolved into a dynamic food delivering machine. The website saw an enormous growth in customers as well as member restaurants. Eat Now Brighton was successful because unlike it's competitor sites it focused on customer service. Wheras other websites could leave the customer hungry and waiting by the door, Eat Now used it's special INS system to make sure every order reached the restaurant. In the rare eventualities anything did go amiss, Eat Now staff were always on hand to resolve the problem.

The Future

In August 2010 Eat Now Brighton underwent a new step in its evolution, signing a deal to bring its service to the rest of the UK. Dropping the 'Brighton' from its name Eat Now.co.uk opened for business on the 11th October 2010. The first 25 new restaurants on the site were also launched on this day in Stoke on Trent, the area chosen to serve as their pilot scheme whilst the measures were put in place to service the rest of the UK.

If you are interested in following the Eat Now story we are leaving regular updates in our news section which will tell you which areas to which we can now offer our service. Things are moving fast so be prepared to have Eat Now in your area soon!

Eat now & our Outreach Work

We believe that everyone should be able to eatnow, therefore we've introduced a tick box when you place your order, if you choose.... you can donate to our charity, which helps us provide food and warm clothes for our homeless guys in Brighton & Hove every Thursday come sun or snow at the Peace Statue :)