Food Allergies


If you have an allergy that could harm your health please contact the restaurant directly before you place your order. 


We strongly advise that you also contact the restaurant directly to confirm your requests. 


Why isn’t EAT NOW able to guarantee my meal is suitable for my allergies?

We are unable to oversee the preparation of the food in each individual restaurant/Takeaway. The takeaways themselves are responsible for cooking your order.
That means that if you want to make sure their food won’t affect your allergies, they’re the only people to get in touch with.


Why should I have to contact the takeaway if I have an allergy? 

Eat Now are not prepared to put your health at risk. The only person who can tell you exactly what’s going into your food is the chef preparing your food.

Even if we confirmed a takeaway menu was safe for people with allergies, they could always change their ingredients at a later date. Then we’d be risking giving you out-of-date information. We can’t take that risk with your health.




Aren’t food businesses required by law to provide information about certain allergens?

This law applies to the takeaways themselves – the takeaways are independent businesses from Eat Now

Takeaways usually give customers access to this information by making it clear you can obtain allergy information by contacting a member of staff.

But remember – we’re always happy to do whatever you need to put you in touch with a takeaway to discuss allergy information.