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What’s your favourite Indian restaurant on eatnow, or is there one you like us to have onboard?

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Let us know your favourite indian restaurant, do you like your curry spicy, mild…….. like us and chat to us on facebook and let us know ….

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Another great night supporting the homeless.

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Thank you to those who haven chosen to donate a £1 when you order, each Thursday night I see the appreciation as I take hot food and warm clothes to give out to the incredible resilient homeless. Please continue to donate whenever you can :)
Working with the amazing Homes4Heroes outreach team.

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Tomorrow 16th October is World Food day, celebrate and try the different flavours of the world by ordering from a new restaurant tonight from

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A nursery class learn about Indian food

Introducing a global dimension into early years learning by cooking food from another country.
Shamila joined a nursery class in the middle of the first term. She was reluctant to stay at first and the staff invited her parents to stay with her. She quickly settled in but seemed to be very quiet and had a limited understanding of English. Her mother noticed that the children often baked cakes and biscuits for snack time and that sometimes parents led this activity. She suggested that she could make naan bread and chapatis with the children.
At the next baking session the nursery nurse helped Shamila’s mum to make the mixture for the chapatis. Most children passed by the activity. However, as the adults began to stretch the chapatis, a group of children gathered, one of whom was Shamila. ‘What are you making?’ asked one of the children. ‘We eat chapatis at home,’ answered Shamila before any of the adults could respond.
This case study is taken from The Global Dimension in the Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Scotland et al, 2001.

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