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Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Apr 23 2012 Published by under Entertainment

World Book Day, what a way to spend Monday night whilst enjoying delicious food from your favourite online takeaway service!!!

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Louis Theroux on #autism: BBC2 9pm. The school with more teachers than students

Apr 19 2012 Published by under Entertainment,TV

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Voucher codes in one click!

Apr 18 2012 Published by under Entertainment

Our voucher codes have had a revamp and are now available in one click :) Many restaurants are regularly providing you with offers…check them out!!!

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The big day has arrived!!!

Apr 15 2012 Published by under Entertainment

Simon, co founder of eatnow is running the Brighton Marathon for cancer Research UK, Whoop Whoop! Please cheer him on number 4515 :) For sponsor details follow this link

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Apr 13 2012 Published by under Offers

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Did you know the Easter Bunny ordered from EatnowBrighton?

Apr 08 2012 Published by under Entertainment

He was our first customer before we expanded to Stoke:) Fact of the day! Celexa

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Why is it called Good Friday if the day was supposed to be sad?

Apr 06 2012 Published by under Entertainment

I never really understood so thought I’d try and find out and share with you……..Good Friday is the day commemorating Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross, which is probably to be dated April 3, A.D. 33. In the liturgical calendar of the Western church, it is the Friday before Easter. The exact origins of the name are uncertain; some argue it stems from the use of “Good” as an adjective applied to the day, which is an Old English synonym for “holy.” Others argue it is a corruption of the word “God,” in the same way that “Good Bye” comes from the phrase “God be with ye.”

Christians believe the day is “good” because the message of Easter is of Christ’s victory over sin, death, and the devil; as the Apostle Paul wrote: “Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us.” It is believed that, in Jesus’ death on the Cross, He took once and for all the sins of all mankind upon Himself, in our place. This gift He extends to everyone who will believe in Him. Believing in the Good News of the Gospel is our hope. Jesus, the Son of God, who died for our sins, was raised again for our justification, we who believe being made in right stead with God.

However, the term “Good Friday” is only used by Western Christians, and not by Eastern Orthodox Christians. The Orthodox refer to this sacred day as “Great and Holy Friday.”

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